A New President, A New Hope


I must admit that in the May 2010 elections I was an avid supporter of Gibo Teodoro. I liked his clean campaign and truly admired his “presidential” stance in many things. I also admired his dynamism and his undaunted spirit. Not that I don’t like Noynoy, or Pnoy, as he is called now, but that it was just Gibo who caught my imagination. We wouldn’t know now how he would fare as president since he lost in the elections but, on the other hand, I didn’t also believe that Noynoy would have this inner strength he is showing today. My father is fond of asking “mamunga ba diay ang santol og mangga?”, referring to PNoy’s parentage.  Although my mother has serious biases against this progeny thing, since she believes a person’s genes is tempered by his or her environment, I now believe that my father’s favorite saying is one heuristic we could use during elections. Ang santol tuod mamunga gyod og santol sab.  After all, PNoy now is showing the strength of his pedigree.


The good thing about Pnoy’s presidency is that it is solid on the call for change and is surging on the euphoria of hope, not on the euphoria of victory. The elation is subdued because it is futuristic, although the happiness of victory is felt.  My mother tells me that although the level of euphoria may not be the same during the EDSA revolution when PNoy’s mother, President Cory, came to power, the same feelings anchored on hope are as palpable today as they were during that EDSA revolution. To me, this means we are serious on change and that we want something better from our government. As a young citizen like me, who grew up on rampaging corruption as reported on the television and in the newspapers, these are not only indicators of something better, these are promises of a happier, less confusing life for the youth of today.


It fact, that was my reason why I did not vote for PNoy – the confusing life. Since, like President Erap before him, PNoy, was the butt of everything from the personal to the sublime, I thought he wouldn’t have the strength to make battle with people who would rather cling to the confusing way of life – preferring the “mysterious” to the transparent, preferring the magic wand of power rather than accountability. I feared that because he decided late to run for president, he may not yet be ready to run the country. Then opportunists would party, thus starting another wave of rampant cronyism wherein the sipsip and the sutsut would predominate and dictate the actions and policies of government. More than that, the inato and the ato-ato system would prevail, where only those who are willing to sell their souls for a position in power would predominate, preventing the truly good and capable from doing their share in governance. From the pronouncements of the new president, during his inaugural address and his two press conferences so far, however, I have hope that this wouldn’t be the case.


Now, it remains for us to think of something we can do to help.  This country is not President Noy’s alone. And it is not his job alone to make this country better. I think, since we have hope in him, he should get his inspiration from us.


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