Darkness and Light

Sunrise image from edwebproject.org


An old sage once asked his young disciple if he knew what makes light bright and what makes darkness dark. The young disciple however could not answer the old master, so he resolved to go out to the world and seek the answers to the riddle the old sage gave him.


He spent years roaming the land, until he too grew gray and old and weak, but he still persisted. Until a time came where he was so worn out from his travels that he stopped at a nearby temple. While lying at the stone steps blinded by old age and dying of exhaustion the master of the temple saw him and came out to help.


As his eyes started to fail, and the breath of life started to ebb away from his frail body, with the master of the temple cradling him in his arms, he finally found the answer he was looking for.


The disciple finally realized after all his sufferings and undertakings the secret of what his master was trying to teach him. Light is bright because of darkness, and darkness is dark because of light. One exists because the other exists.


How can man, in his limited knowledge and wisdom, appreciate the light if he did not experience darkness?

So too with our lives, how can us, as limited beings, appreciate what is happiness if we do not know sorrow?

How could we discern good if we did not see any evil?

Is there any glory to success if we did not feel defeat?

There are so many people out there that questions God.

If God exist, if he is truly God, then why do he let his people suffer?


The mere fact that we experience suffering is a testament that there is a God. The mere fact that we discern Evil is evidence that there is Good.


Man, as stubborn and ignorant as he is, need to suffer for him to know joy; he needs to live in an evil world for him to aspire for a better earth and a divine and good filled heaven.


We are made imperfect for us to seek perfection.

We are made weak and fragile for us to desire eternity.

God is the ultimate destination of our souls, He is perfection and everlasting.

To seek Him and be one with him should be our ultimate goal.

For “restless is our hearts until it rests in Thee, o God” (Saint Agustine)

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