You students, 

scholars and academics,
dont be afraid to stand and be heard;

look up and stand tall,
dont be afraid to stand and be heard;

gifts from God were given to us,
knowledge is our treasure,
the acquisition of it our birth right!

dont let others trample that right,
dont let others snatch it from our sight..

Our voice is God’s gift to us,
let us refine it through learning. .

let us make our voice sweeter and lovelier through wisdom;
a voice tempered with wisdom can topple empires.

dont let others drown our voices in the seas of corruption and of hate. .
dont let our voices be tainted by rains of envy and of distraught,

Let us stand tall,
Let us be United. . .
Let us Stand UP!!!

We shall let our voices ring to the heavens,
let us shake the foundations of this world.

Let our voices be heard.
and may it wake the flames of progress in each others hearts.

Students unite,

Stand-up and be Heard!

– petros absalon bojo

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