The Age of Deceit

During the olden times, information does not come fast nor does it come cheap. Traders and adventurers are the main sources of information for the folks back then, whenever and wherever a market is held or a traveling trader passes by a town or a village the next order of business after the buying and the selling was the swapping of news and whatnots.

Nowadays however, any common man has more information contained in his weekly magazine than what was available to someone back then during his entire lifetime. In fact, if some old dude from the Middle Ages would be transported to the future and see our modern day conveniences he would have a major meltdown, thinking all the while that the future is filled by powerful witches and wizards who sold their souls to the devil. Having the capability to talk to someone from halfway across the globe on a glowing metal cube is something very similar to fairytales where old hags have magic mirrors or casts a spell on a fire to commune with their fellow spawns of Satan.

With the speed of information being shared from one corner of the globe to another it is just with the same ease to deal out a truck load of crap along with some kernel of fact and in the same breath pass it off as the bible truth. Deceit has become more prevalent now more than ever in the whole human history (I am emphasizing “human history” here so as to respect the beliefs of those that accept as true that there are alien species that are also living among us, HINT: heavy sarcasm). This could take the form of photo shopped profile pictures on social networking sites that showed as bigger what is really small and smaller what is really big, and in its extreme form it could be propaganda being pushed by some big ass country or some organization or movement with an agenda to push.

It has never been easier to saw lies than now. Anyone could just join facebook using a fictitious name and biodata, use as profile picture a photo of some anonymous person and BOOM you have an instant fake identity which you could use to fool anyone. Others, institutions or agencies with bigger budgets, may even be able to do more fooling around than most, just imagine that with just a series of algorithms and a well funded staff they could alter what was written, read what was deleted, and deceive without us knowing.

I had a college buddy who lost upwards to 15 thousand pesos by a man posing as a hot chick. My buddy courted the “girl” on facebook, then boom, next thing we know he was actually sending the “girl” money for some reason or another (one of it was that the “girl” claimed that her father had cancer), and to think that my buddy haven’t even had met her in person yet. Admittedly, my buddy acted foolishly on this, but it still does not change the fact that this kind of swindling money is very much prevalent in one form or another today. Truth and honesty, it seems, became more of a rarity than gold and more of value. Maybe it is true, when they say that “in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is revolutionary”.

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