A leader among leaders

There is something to say with regard to how we as a people vote and how we as a people perceive our leaders. We believe in the greatness of a leader by the strength of his personality alone and not for the righteousness of his actions and the magnitude of his good works, nor do we give recognition to the people who work behind the scenes to accomplish what needs to be done. We see our politicians as superstars, and they in turn act like one!


A leader who stands alone is merely a man, standing alone. A leader who stands with leaders stands a leader among leaders; who by joint effort and cooperation are stronger and greater, who by joint effort and cooperation could create greater and stronger things than that of a man standing alone.

A leader who stands alone, no matter how great, will surely lead to dictatorship and anarchy for, after all, isn’t it that power seeks to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

True achievement, true progress, is about the people who stand together for the common good.True leadership is not measured by what is great in a man, but is measured by what the man did to create greatness in others. After all, if not for the men and women in uniform who sacrificed their lives to gain freedom from tyranny and oppression of the Nazi Empire, Sir Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt would not be the leaders that we now idolize them to be.

Rome became great because of its people and its Senate. The fall of Rome started when men like Gaius Octavius and Marcus Antonius sought to be supreme among all. When a man seeks to dominate, whether for good or for bad, he will always go astray.



The Mongol became great because of its people and the horde. Temujin (Genghis Khan) ruled not as king but merely a chieftain, he achieved his goals by the aid of the other Mongol chieftains. True, he is the head of the chieftains, but still he listens to the council of his fellow leaders. The fall of the Mongol Empire started when it ended to be a collective and started as an empire with their emperor as head.



Same goes to the Chinese Empire. It became great because of its people. It started to fall when the empire and the emperor no longer listened to those that he holds dominion over.



A leader is only as great as the people that he is leading.

 What is a leader if what he leads is a flock of stones? Or that those who follow him are just as mindless and subservient to whim as the zombies in cinemas?

A leader is great not because of who he is, but because of the people who with their sweat and their blood walks the way shown by that who leads.


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