I was raised high up on the tall mountains of Bukidnon, in the heart of the island of Mindanao.


A goodly part of my life so far had been spent roaming the lush green valleys and the cool clear springs of this dear land which I call home. As a child, I was fond of playing barefooted under the cool rain showers that are a constant even during the hot summer days. The trees that stood tall and proud near our house had been my childhood towers as I played out my dreams of magic and adventure. I was a chivalric knight off to defend the castle from a rampaging dragon. Wooden sticks were my magical swords, and the fallen branches from a tree- my noble steeds.  Those were the days: where the sweat on my brow and the scorched brown flesh of my arms were my armor as well…

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  1. Hala ka, nindot, Nak! Kahilak man sab ta! Hehehe. Kuyawan sab ko mas nindot na ka mosulat kay sa ako. Hahaha. Padayon ani nga style, Nak! E-polish dayon gamay.

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