Give every Filipino family a chance to have more food in the table, not give them condoms nor teach them how to prevent having kids. If it’s solving poverty you want, use our funds to increase salaries and give more employment opportunities.

We don’t need the RH Bill.

The above quote came from a friend who is a staunch anti-RH Bill advocate. What she is saying is not new, it had been echoed by so many others who loudly profess their belief that the RH Bill is anti life and passing it would mean the glorification of immorality and that it would not only legalize abortions but it would force abortion on people who do not want it.

But, are they saying stuff that are truthful or even logical? Or are they just mere propaganda to try and brainwash people into thinking that the RH BILL is really evil?

Let us try and shed light into some of their arguments. 

Logic and simple observation dictates that “more food on the table” does not actually quantify into a healthy population growth. Studies show that in times of a prosperity boom the population tends to increase rather than decrease, especially for countries with strong familial traditions. The Philippines has a very unhealthy population dynamics to date, if the current trend will continue, we will hit 150 million before 2030, which our economy, natural resources and infrastructure cant really handle now or even in 30 years from now.

The RH bill does not stop couples from having more children nor does it regulate and impose control over the population at large.. it merely affords people more choices in their familial well being as well as personal health. Read the RH “bills” first (in all its various proposals) before shooting it down. It is highly childish and immature both as a person and as a country at large if we prevent people from making their own choices in life. Even God granted us free will. Who are we, as mere mortals, to dictate upon our fellow mortals?

Give people the freedom of choice in how to run their lives.

It is as simple as that.

I think it is juvenile and simple minded to just easily say that we could use our funds to increase salary and job opportunities, and end it at that..

Look it this way through simple math. If you have 1 million pesos, and lets say that that 1 million pesos needs to be shared with 2 million people. How much money would each get?

Now take that 1 million pesos again and divide it among 5000 people. How much money would they now get each?

Let us even go even further, let us say that 20% of 10,000 people will get about 80% of the 1 million pesos (in rough estimation of poor and rich dynamics). So how much would each get now?

Compare the answers and see who gets the better deal and who gets the rotten one. 

As i have said, the bill does not impose, it merely concretize the basic government policy when it comes to reproductive health and our freedom to pick the right options in how to build our own family and whatnot’s. It does not even dictate on the number of children a couple may have, nor even force people to use contraceptives.

Be honest with me, those who are reading this, have you read any of the bills?

For those who have already made up their minds, either anti or pro RH Bill, don’t you think it is highly unprofessional and irresponsible to comment over something that you really dont have full knowledge over? Diba, too little knowledge is dangerous? Especially since many people who hear us may give much weight on our words? Don’t you think it is our responsibility, our obligation, to those who trust us and believe us to look deeper and understand better that which we are talking about before saying anything about it?


Another argument of those who are Anti RH Bill, aside from those who argue about morality and bible verses, goes something like this:

See it this way. Empower the 2 million people you have, give them the right technology and opportunities to further their lives and they’ll turn your 1 million pesos a billionfold. It’s not easy. But it surely is a solution.

Well, to be honest, that argument have some good points and is indeed a good thing to do, and i agree with them on that, it should be done.

However, at this time and in this country of ours it is not only an unrealistic thing but it borders in the realms of fantasy.

In the statement above, it presupposes 3 things:

1st. that it is easy to empower people.

Jesus Christ along with several thousand prophets, saints, holy men and whatnot’s have been among us and their teachings and actions had been passed down through the ages. One thing they all have in common, they strive to empower people to do good and be good. Question. What happened to us? Why are there still wars? Why do we still languish in this cesspool of apathy and villainy? Answer. Because it is hard to empower people. It is an attitude change, and attitude, just like stone is hard to mold. True, i did not say that “all” stones cannot be molded, some can but most could not.

2nd. That merely improving their lives will immediately change the population problem and their economic problem even if they have so many children.

Take for example India and China. They have very good economy and very good employment opportunities, but their people still languish because the resources are spread too thin over so many.

A man who earns 50 thousand a month would still be hard pressed to have all of his 8 children to finish college.

3rd. That People people will opt for the hard road over an easy one.

Majority of people are lazy. Facts shows that, studies shows that. Most people prefer to have an easy way out of things than to have hard labor over it. Even if you strive hard to empower them, if they will still remain lazy nothing will happen.

Yes, it is good that we focus on finding solutions but lasting solutions entails long term plans, and the government has already started on those, like economic prosperity through creation of new jobs, new investments and investor outreach and all that. So, what would we do before the fruition of those long term plans? Wait and allow the situation to fester and be more problematic in the time being?

The problem with social ills is that it acts like a disease.. if you let it be untreated for long it gets worse, if you dont apply first aid on it first before applying a more effective cure for it later – it will get worse.

It is best to have the RH bill and stem the progression of the disease of overpopulation and mothers dying due to lack of proper facilities and information than to confront a bigger problem that will be harder to fix later. Dont you think?


And again, i must reiterate, the RH bill gives choices, it does not impose, nor does it take away any freedom from others in practicing other things. The Bill does not make people immoral or that by passing it would condemn  the Filipino People into the ravaging fires of hell… Our choices makes as who we are, be it moral or immoral. Our choices condemns us to hell or to heaven.


I do not think that God is such a tyrant as to burn people in hell by just wanting to be more informed and doing informed decisions about their reproductive health, or that making sure that there will be a happier and healthier family by managing its size. After all, our God, the True God, is a God of Love. He even forgave Dismas, who was a sinner who had done countless wrongs, when he asked forgiveness for his sins and that to remember him when He will come into His Kingdom. 

Our God is not a vindictive God. Those people who say that “God does not want the RH Bill” or that “People will burn in hell for supporting the RH Bill” ought to be ashamed of themselves, they are using the name of God in vain. 


But then again, this is just me saying. I would advice you to read more about the RH Bill and then form your own opinion about it. Don’t believe what i am saying or what anyone else is saying without checking the facts first!

God gave you a mind to decide what is right and what is wrong, use it.

Don’t let others decide for you.




11 thoughts on “SULONG RH BILL!”

  1. the catholic church is really anti development.. they want us all week and poor so that they could continue to feel relevant and powerful!

  2. ‘Im a nurse and most in the health care profession approve rh bill. Those who immediately dismiss it without knowing the advantages of the bill does not understand the impact it could do to indigenous members of our society. They react negatively while they seat comfortably in their house having 1-3 kids, a good income, and access to healthcare and good education. They should be more open minded knowing that not everyone lives in the upper or middle class.

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