what is love
if it be just a trickle
to the drain?



what is love
when the rain lasts longer
than what love claims?



is it right to invoke love’s name,
if it be as constant
as the zephyr’s breath?



love is lost to the youth i say,

who does not know

how to cherish it

day by day.



love is like a seed
to be nurtured and to be nourished
by the blood from
a heart chaste and unsullied
by burdens of worldly woes.



love is not flitting
as a flowers bloom;
love does not wither
due to time alone.



love is not passion,
but love holds passions’ sway. 



love does not rise
from torrid kisses;
not from drunken urges,
nor from wanton phrases. 

  for in love
  man is made loftier than
  the eagles with their soaring wings


  true love cleanses a man
  from the venality of the world
  and purifies the corrupted flesh.



– Petros Absalon Bojo

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