Musings of Life: 1

Shadows and Light
Goldie Gomez Photography



       The purity of an individual’s intentions in making a decision is one of the keys in making the right choice. I believe that in every decision we must give weight to the urgings of our conscience, thus, the constant struggle to do what is right is a personal war against our selves. Our actions, which are the manifestations of our decisions, should be directed for the nourishment of the soul and of others.


      Some seek to be a man of success, but success at what price? Our aim should be to be of value and not merely to be successful; our life should give more value to the lives of others and to our being. Our existence should give something good to the lives of others, for in so doing we also give value to our lives.



Shades and Hues
Goldie Gomez Photography

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