A Love Letter in Desperation


Dear Little Sunshine,

A writer wrote a long time ago that “All the love that history knows, is said to be in every rose. Yet all that could be found in two, is less than what I feel for you.” I have read that poem years ago, and yet I did not appreciate it, until you came along. 

How shall I say this, ahmm, I’m not used to loving someone as deeply, as madly, as eternally as I love you. And I’m not used to not having control in the relationship I’m in, “I’m the boss!” as I always say, but well, sometimes fate does make fun of us sometimes in such cruel ways. 

I just found myself loving you to the point beyond control, beyond what sanity dictates; I’m no longer the boss, that is for sure.

At first, I tried to fight it, I tried to resist. I told myself so many times to just go away, to just leave, that the pain is not worth it. I guess my heart overruled my brain in some way, for the steps I took to be away from you just led me nearer, closer; and my love hotter, fiercer, stronger. Funny how love works, I’m not used to losing control. But here I am, a slave to my love for you. 

But, if this be slavery, then let me be a slave forever. If being a freeman means that I would lose you, then let me be bound in ball and chains just as long as we could be together. 

You are not the kindest of mistresses, I tell you. You always find a way to get past my defenses, and BAAMMMM, you always end up hurting me. I never cried over a girl for such a long time, and it’s a strange feeling to experience it again. It’s like walking in on a rain with your best clothes on, annoyance creeps in, then anger, then sadness, and suddenly and inexplicably, feeling refreshed  and happy afterwards. That’s how I feel. So, come rain or rough weather in our relationship, I always find myself walking the way that will lead me to you.

I am happy, truly happy, for once in a long while. And for that I am thankful to you, my love, my little sunshine.

I love you, much more than what love two roses can hold in an eternity.



Two Roses

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