Eulogy: Gino Zambrano


In life there is nothing more final than death. Death brings pain that transcends the physical; it brings anguish that crushes the spirit through our suffering hearts that grieves for the departed.

Death brought by violence – brought by the lurid, demented, maliciously hateful mind spawned by evil – causes not only suffering of the heart but also a hunger for justice to be served, even to the point of committing ruthless retribution. It is painful to have someone that we hold so dear die so badly.

Such is the pain and the hunger kindled by the death of Gino Zambrano for those who knew and loved him. Such is our loss. Such is our pain. Such is our thirst to avenge his death.

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He was still in the prime of his youth, only 26; so young and taken from us so early, gunned down so senselessly. A rising politician. A lawyer to be. So much promise, but alas, that promise could no longer be realized. He was taken from us, but our memories of him will always remain and will nourish us in our times of loneliness, in our times of despair.


Gino was a gentle soul.

A kind soul.

A loving soul.

He was a peaceful man, always wanting to end a conflict harmoniously, amicably. We had served together in an election campaign once, he kept his cool when everyone else, including me, were already spouting expletives and clinching our fists ready to introduce it to someone else’s face.

Gino was a great guy to be with, always smiling, always kind. He always had this huge toothy grin and an infectious excitement for the joys of life. That is the picture that always comes to my mind – a happy Gino.

He was not a perfect man, to be sure, he had his own set of faults that all humanity is bound with from our first breath, but he came very close to be one.


I do not presume to know what Gino would have liked us to feel, or to be, or to do; only the Lord and Gino really knows that now. But knowing Gino, he would not have liked it for us to feel bad for him; he would not have liked it for us to do bad for him. He was a good guy. A great guy! It would not be an apt way to honor his memory by doing something he did not stood for.

He stood for justice.

He stood for goodness.

He stood for love.

Let us honor him by seeking justice out of our love for him; not vengeance out of our anger for his untimely death.

Let us honor him by doing good, by being good; not by repaying an evil deed by an evil deed.

Let us honor him by loving and continuing to love.

Let us honor Gino by being the man that he was and by striving to be the man he could have been.

Let us honor Gino by living a life of value for others and for ourselves, just like he had lived a life that gave value to ours.

Two Roses

To those that grieved his passing:

Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love and who had failed to live a life worth living.

Gino certainly lived with love and we loved him back in turn. Gino certainly lived a life worth living and we can only aspire to live as he had lived.

May God grant him peace.


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