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A Love Letter in Desperation


Dear Little Sunshine,

A writer wrote a long time ago that “All the love that history knows, is said to be in every rose. Yet all that could be found in two, is less than what I feel for you.” I have read that poem years ago, and yet I did not appreciate it, until you came along. 

How shall I say this, ahmm, I’m not used to loving someone as deeply, as madly, as eternally as I love you. And I’m not used to not having control in the relationship I’m in, “I’m the boss!” as I always say, but well, sometimes fate does make fun of us sometimes in such cruel ways. 

I just found myself loving you to the point beyond control, beyond what sanity dictates; I’m no longer the boss, that is for sure.

At first, I tried to fight it, I tried to resist. I told myself so many times to just go away, to just leave, that the pain is not worth it. I guess my heart overruled my brain in some way, for the steps I took to be away from you just led me nearer, closer; and my love hotter, fiercer, stronger. Funny how love works, I’m not used to losing control. But here I am, a slave to my love for you. 

But, if this be slavery, then let me be a slave forever. If being a freeman means that I would lose you, then let me be bound in ball and chains just as long as we could be together. 

You are not the kindest of mistresses, I tell you. You always find a way to get past my defenses, and BAAMMMM, you always end up hurting me. I never cried over a girl for such a long time, and it’s a strange feeling to experience it again. It’s like walking in on a rain with your best clothes on, annoyance creeps in, then anger, then sadness, and suddenly and inexplicably, feeling refreshed  and happy afterwards. That’s how I feel. So, come rain or rough weather in our relationship, I always find myself walking the way that will lead me to you.

I am happy, truly happy, for once in a long while. And for that I am thankful to you, my love, my little sunshine.

I love you, much more than what love two roses can hold in an eternity.



Two Roses


what is love
if it be just a trickle
to the drain?



what is love
when the rain lasts longer
than what love claims?



is it right to invoke love’s name,
if it be as constant
as the zephyr’s breath?



love is lost to the youth i say,

who does not know

how to cherish it

day by day.



love is like a seed
to be nurtured and to be nourished
by the blood from
a heart chaste and unsullied
by burdens of worldly woes.



love is not flitting
as a flowers bloom;
love does not wither
due to time alone.



love is not passion,
but love holds passions’ sway. 



love does not rise
from torrid kisses;
not from drunken urges,
nor from wanton phrases. 

  for in love
  man is made loftier than
  the eagles with their soaring wings


  true love cleanses a man
  from the venality of the world
  and purifies the corrupted flesh.



– Petros Absalon Bojo

Ramblings of a Deluded Soul 1: Dying in a dream

to live, to die?

to fester in this eternal slumber,

reliving the haunting memories of the sorrow-filled past;

not even the prophesied future is   devoid of terror,

with yet to be inflicted tortures to my tormented soul;

oh such a vile, cruel world!

release me from the clutches of this vile leviathan

they call existence!

to live, to die?

When shall the question be answered?



You students, 

scholars and academics,
dont be afraid to stand and be heard;

look up and stand tall,
dont be afraid to stand and be heard;

gifts from God were given to us,
knowledge is our treasure,
the acquisition of it our birth right!

dont let others trample that right,
dont let others snatch it from our sight..

Our voice is God’s gift to us,
let us refine it through learning. .

let us make our voice sweeter and lovelier through wisdom;
a voice tempered with wisdom can topple empires.

dont let others drown our voices in the seas of corruption and of hate. .
dont let our voices be tainted by rains of envy and of distraught,

Let us stand tall,
Let us be United. . .
Let us Stand UP!!!

We shall let our voices ring to the heavens,
let us shake the foundations of this world.

Let our voices be heard.
and may it wake the flames of progress in each others hearts.

Students unite,

Stand-up and be Heard!

– petros absalon bojo